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I’m Telling You – Heidi Saved The Project!

I am truly honored to have been asked to write a letter of recommendation for Heidi Core. I am an orthodontist and had been planning to build a new office for several years. The whole process took four times longer to complete than expected. Every phase of the project was wrought with inefficiencies and headaches, until I met Heidi Core! it is not an understatement to say that she saved the project. i thought an interior designer only picked colors, art and furniture. There were so many details that had not been addressed or had not been given enough consideration. Heidi covered everything down to the details of where all electronic wires were to be hidden from sight. I also hired Heidi late in the process after I became overwhelmed with questions from the general contractor about finishes, millwork layouts, blocking for art, plumbing fixtures and many other items that I had not given enough thought. Heidi met with my wife and l to understand our vision for the building and the atmosphere we wanted to create. Then she came right in and worked long hours to provide the contractor with answers so the building process would not be delayed. She provided professional drawings with detailed instructions that were very easy to understand, along with many site visits to make sure all the changes were implemented correctly. Heidi conducted numerous meetings and sent continuous emails to the building owners, the architects, the subs, the vendors and the general contractor. She knew how to demand perfection without stepping on toes to ensure our vision was realized. Heidi conducted herself throughout the entire project with the utmost professionalism. I’m telling you – Heidi saved the project! In the end, she produced exactly what my wife and I had envisioned for our practice. I cannot imagine that there is another candidate more qualified or deserving to represent the Central District to the Alabama State Board of Registration of Interior Designers than Heidi Core. Based on my experience, Heidi will exceed your expectations and I cannot recommend her any more highly for this position.

by Dr. Hank Allen

She Helped Turn Our Office Building with Studs Into A Beautiful Masterpiece

It is a great honor to write this letter of recommendation for Mrs. Heidi Core to represent the Central District to the Alabama State Board of Registration of Interior Designers. I have had the pleasure of knowing Heidi as a business consultant and as a friend.

Heidi was the interior designers for our “state of the art” dental office. She helped turn our office building with studs into a beautiful masterpiece , that continuously has parents and patients commenting daily on how much they love the office. Miss. Core has the ability to transform and develop any space or project regardless of the size. I observed Heidi work tirelessly to achieve the goals set. Heidi led the team, communicating with vendors onsite or offsite with a smile. Heidi’s experience, attention to detail, professionalism, and her tenacity made me and my husband’s dream office a reality. Mrs. Core exceeded the goals beyond our imagination.

In working with Heidi, I am intrigued by the wealth of knowledge obtained from her over 25 years of experience gained in working in many facets of design in four states. Heidi is a current board member of the Alabama Interior Design Coalition, an origination that informs consumers about Interior Design registration and serves to protect the legislative safeguards fo the profession. Mrs. Core has not only excelled in her achievements, but she has been instrumental in mentoring and working with younger designers.

As a fellow business owner and friend, Heidi has always been supportive and offering advice. Mrs. Core is very energetic. I have observed her involvement in community initiatives and philanthropy.

In conclusion, I would highly recommend Mrs. Core to represent the Central District to the Alabama State Board of Registration of Interior Designers. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need any further information.

by Dr. Rosalynn Crawford-McKendall