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Interior Design Services

Professional and Memorable Interiors

Heidi H. Core, RID, IIDA is an experienced and fully accredited designer who specializes in creating professional and memorable interiors for medical and commercial spaces. Her work has been recognized within the industry, and her portfolio includes both large-scale projects and smaller, private practices around Birmingham, Alabama.


Heidi Core creates individualized design programs that accurately reflect the values and personality of the practice or business. Her aesthetic is tailored to the unique location and intended demographic of each of her clients. Whether healthcare, corporate, or hospitality interiors, Heidi Core transforms offices into welcoming environments that provide professional efficiency and visual impact. From the pre-design phase to the final walk-through, every detail is carefully considered so that the interior satisfies functional needs with curated style. Layouts, color schemes, lighting, furniture, and artwork are designed to organize and refine the space.

Interior design services don’t just create an environment, they create an experience.

Heidi brings innovative concepts and a personalized approach to each of her projects so that her clients can project the image they’ve always envisioned for their business.

Well-designed interiors enhance the physical, psychological, and social well-being of those that interact with the space. And when patients, clients, and staff feel good, goals can become reality.

To learn more about Heidi’s work, contact our Birmingham office or call (205) 259-8780.

Healthcare Interior Design

Healthcare is a multi-faceted and broad-reaching sector, but interior design must carefully consider the specific services being provided and the audience being served. Whether general medical services or specialty practices, these environments require a design strategy that prioritizes the overall wellness of those who interact with the space.

Interior design for these environments must strike a successful balance between gracious hospitality and urbane prestige. In healthcare, the stakes are high. Countless studies have found that care environments have a direct relationship to patient satisfaction – including how patients perceive quality of care and the physician’s performance. (1) Well-designed, attractive waiting and treatment rooms show that the patient’s comfort and wellbeing have been considered in all regards.

Whether small, boutique practices or large-scale medical campuses, a design strategy helps day-to-day operations flow smoothly. A well-organized space supports the needs of doctors and staff. Medical technology can be integrated into an interior design strategy in a way to adapt to changing needs. High-traffic offices must have furnishings and surfaces that are durable, easily sanitized, while still being tasteful. With these considerations, providers can focus on healing and giving their patients every advantage. Patients can enjoy their surroundings and relax. Heidi Core has created design programs for practices of all sizes and scales with aesthetics that promote well-being.

Pediatric Offices

Heidi Core designs inspiring pediatric offices with children and parents in mind. Playful colors and imaginative themes create engaging environments that can create positive distractions. Children can be soothed and their imaginations stimulated, while worried parents can appreciate tastefully chosen art, comfortable furniture, and the confidence that they’ve chosen the right provider for their first priority.

Dental Offices

Interior Design for dental offices is a unique opportunity to emphasize the character of the space and the practice. A welcoming yet professional environment reassures patients while carefully selected visual features add eye-catching interest. Clean, tasteful design with engaging accents can transform a patient’s visit into an experience that’s more than just the procedure being performed. Heidi Core has an extensive portfolio of dental office projects that run the gamut of style and tastes. However, what they all have in common is a focus on the practices’ unique needs.

Orthodontic Offices

Orthodontic patients today represent a wider demographic than ever before. And, given the long-term scope of orthodontic treatment, these patients will invariably spend quite a bit of time in an orthodontist’s waiting room. Make sure those valuable clients are comfortable. Heidi Core has created beautiful office programs that allow orthodontists to express what makes their practice special while promoting a fluid and efficient organization.

Plastic Surgery and Med Spa Offices

Needless to say, in a medical field dedicated to aesthetics, a beautiful office is imperative. For plastic surgeons, cosmetic surgeons, and medical spas, a successful interior design strategy creates an environment that projects professional artistry and clinical precision. However, designing these spaces goes far beyond superficial cosmetics. Heidi Core has designed plastic surgery offices that offer a discreet, concierge atmosphere, with luxurious details that appeal to a discerning and image-conscious clientele.

Corporate Interior Design

Corporate interior design creates a space to do business efficiently while instilling confidence in the clientele. These interiors must be designed to impress, projecting authority and expertise while still creating a personalized and inviting atmosphere.

Heidi Core has extensive experience in transforming these spaces, and can make your workspace work for you. Corporate settings are an opportunity to display your company’s unique culture and core values: from reception to the boardroom. Well-balanced lighting, pleasing color schemes, noise management, and elegant furnishings can make going to the office a pleasure. In fact, light quality alone in office settings has been proven to contribute to physical and emotional well-being. (2)  Treating yourself and your staff to a well-designed offices will improve morale, boost productivity, and impress clients so that they’ll look forward to doing business with you again.

Hospitality Interior Design

Successful hospitality interior design provides an innovative luxury experience while still preserving all the comforts of home. As one of the largest branches of commercial design, the hospitality sector includes restaurants, gyms, hotels, country clubs and more. But regardless of the services being offered, these spaces must be designed in a way that makes every patron feel pampered.

Where Form Meets Function

Interior Designers create worlds unto themselves, and in order to do so, they draw upon a vast array of experience, skill, and carefully selected resources. Intuition, research, and a personal touch are paired with extensive knowledge about codes, regulations, aesthetics, and design. They’re also project managers, coordinating the many moving parts of a design project. Interior Designers are responsible for sourcing materials, consulting with the general contractor, and arranging logistics so that the project is completed on time and within budget.

Whether you’re renovating an existing space or starting from scratch, embarking on an interior design project requires meticulous planning and intensive research. Heidi Core makes it a point to start with the client. During her preliminary programming phases, she’ll learn all she can about the day-to-day operations, the client’s dreams, desires, and concerns. Knowing the trajectory of the business or practice and the community that they serve allows her to create a design program that is client-focused and sensitive to budgetary requirements. As a result, each of her projects is distinctly unique.

Importance of an Accredited Interior Designer

The Council for Interior Design Qualification states that interior designers have a “moral and ethical responsibility to protect consumers and occupants.” (3) Like the medical professionals that she creates beautiful interiors for, the physical safety and emotional well-being of clients and patients is integral to every aspect of the design. Interiors must be accessible and inclusive, and able to offer a comfortable and aesthetically rewarding experience for those with a wide variety of special needs.

Heidi Core is a member of The International Interior Design Association, on the board of the Alabama Interior Design Coalition, and is a Registered Interior Designer. These qualifications ensure that your design project will progress smoothly, comply with local and national regulations, and ensure that everyone who enters your offices is able to enjoy a beautiful and functional interior.

As the project progresses, Heidi Core will be diligent in coordinating the many services required to bring the designs plan to life. She’ll also be closely monitoring the quality of the work being performed, and ensuring that everything is completed in compliance with the many codes and regulations that govern the construction of interior spaces. She’ll ensure that the project is progressing in a timely fashion, and coordinate scheduling. A well-managed construction and installation phase avoids delays and additional expenses and ensures that clients are able to return to business as soon as possible, and begin to reap the benefits of their newly transformed workspaces.

After Installation

But, an interior designer’s job doesn’t end once the interior design plans have been realized. Heidi will confirm that every facet of the interior has been executed satisfactorily. During the final walk-through, she and the client evaluate the results to ensure that all aspects of the plans have been completed according to the client’s wishes.

Professional spaces deserve the attention of a professional interior designer. If you’ve been considering taking the design of your medical or commercial offices to the next level, choose an experienced designer with a proven track record of beautiful and efficient results. To learn more about how Heidi Core Interior Design LLC can improve your space and your business, contact her Birmingham design firm at 205.259.8780.


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