Dr. Rosalyn Crawford-McKendall
Pelham, AL

Interiors for new pediatric dental facility located in an existing independent building totaling 1,716 usable square feet. 

Our primary goal was to make the most of a small existing space with low eight foot ceilings; we were not allowed to expand above eight feet.  To do so, we began by amplifying the spatial appearance of the reception by combining the reception area and business office into one room with consistent colors, materials, and art. We introduced the reception desk to draw interest by creating a curved design in the desk and a related curved soffit above.  The desk is interesting on its own with a novel texture of different laminates, but neutral enough not to distract from the furniture and art

Our client’s dental practice is not just focused on young children but teenagers as well, so the project presented the challenge of appealing to both demographics.  As a result, we employed a mix of stainless steel finishes in the corridors, and playful, but not childlike art in the reception and treatment areas.  We used goodbye mirrors at high and low elevations to provide function for children and teenagers alike. Overall, the space has a fun, light-hearted atmosphere that appeals to children and teenagers alike, without making the client and her staff feel overwhelmed by too many bright colors or patterns.