Dr. Todd Howell
Hoover, AL

Interiors for new dental facility located in an independent building totaling 3,692 usable square feet on first floor clinic level.

Our goal was to create an environment resembling a rustic lodge that welcomes dental patients of all ages in a home-like, nurturing setting reflecting the dentist’s southern upbringing.  The dentist is surrounded with things he grew up with in Alabama, items from his travels abroad, and objects that hint at his strong faith. 

The reception waiting room underscores the rustic lodge feeling with a large double height stacked stone fireplace, reclaimed wood ceiling beams, rustic multi-tiered chandelier and oversized lounge seating.  To reflect our client’s faith, we included a sentimental church pew from his childhood into the eclectic seating mix and placed an enlarged photo from his personal travels above the fireplace mantel depicting the famous Brazilian statue called “Christ the Redeemer”. 

An interesting design challenge was dramatizing the double height elevation at the check-in desk.  Our design team exposed the staircase to the 2nd floor and added a balcony to break up the large expanse of double height sheetrock.  We also cantilevered a reclaimed wood canopy beyond the front desk and attached it to the sheetrock with exposed iron cables and fasteners that match the exposed fasteners within the beams.  The wood canopies were repeated throughout the patient wing to add warmth, break up the long corridor, and promote design continuity from the front to back of the building.