Conveniently located to serve the areas of Birmingham, Alabama

Heidi H. Core, RID, IIDA is an experienced and fully accredited designer who specializes in creating professional and memorable interiors for medical and commercial spaces. Her work has been recognized both regionally and nationally, having worked on both large, institutional projects and smaller, private practices around Birmingham, Alabama. 

Medical Offices

Heidi’s outstanding work designing medical offices for the healthcare industry has distinguished her throughout her illustrious career. She seeks to achieve her clients’ vision by striking an optimal balance between an inviting atmosphere and one which projects prestige and sophistication. 

Dental Offices

Heidi’s catalog of dental offices includes an extensive lineup of regional practices that dot the Southeast. Her colorful portfolio demonstrates her vast range because Heidi approaches each project with the client’s goals in mind.   

Commercial Offices

From stately banks to chic pilates studios, Heidi’s portfolio of commercial offices demonstrates her ability to aptly identify the unique needs of a project and to amply meet those needs with her own refined sense of style.  

Pediatrics Offices

Pediatrics offices present a special set of design opportunities. Heidi relishes the chance to create inclusive spaces that appeal to both young and old. 

Orthodontics Offices

When Heidi designs for orthodontics offices, she aims to align herself with the clients’ aspirations while staying true to the orderly aesthetic that their profession demands.