EBS Bank Consulting Company
Birmingham, AL

New office space for a financial services firm located in a historic building adjacent to Birmingham’s Five Points South Neighborhood with approximately 6,188 total square feet. 

The project’s overarching goal was to maintain the authenticity of the space while delivering a contemporary aesthetic.  The clients, three long-time business partners, have very different tastes, adding a motivating challenge to the project.  We strove to make each office reflect the occupants’ individuality, while keeping the project consistent between offices.  We were required to take the partners’ existing furniture and blend with new selections to achieve this consistent dynamic. 

For example, one of the partners had a large, inherited “senator” desk, which served to link the office to the historical building.  We juxtaposed his desk and antique rug with more contemporary furnishings, including a custom designed iron table.

We utilized transitional furniture with straightforward lines to blend with the partners’ personal touches including school mascots and hunting trophies.  In every part of the space, we incorporated art and photography representative of key markets in world finance ─ such as the New York Stock Exchange and San Francisco skyline ─ to signal that the client’s business is not just local, but national in scope. 

The building was originally viewed as dim and cold, so we utilized warm light to bring habitability and scale to the space.  To highlight the firm’s accomplishments, we designed a full wall of recognition that clients love and can easily be changed as the firm grows. The partners’ logo was transformed into a striking piece of glass art to highlight the firm’s brand immediately upon entry.